How to Get Your Business Information into the GWCC Newsletter

The newsletter is published four times a year. It is mailed to all
Chamber members and posted on the Chamber website.
If you are interested in sponsoring an edition of the GWCC newsletter contact John Campbell.

Deadlines for article submission: March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.

Who may submit articles and/or photos: The newsletter accepts submissions from any member.

Desired content: Content can be anything newsworthy about your business. Suggestions include:

• New hires or promotions
• Awards won
• New product or service
• Description of services available
• New location
• Sharing of your business expertise in a “tips” type article that would benefit other members
• Special upcoming events or promotions
(Remember that the newsletter won’t be sent out for at least 2 – 4 weeks after the deadline.)
All photos should be jpg files. They can be color or B&W.
Articles should be 300 words or less, though longer pieces will be considered if there are photos.

A short announcement (one to three sentences) is also encouraged. If you’re announcing a new hire
or promotion, a portrait photo of the employee is nice to send as well.

IMPORTANT: All text should be in Word document form – NO PDF files, please. Do not embed art,
photos, logos etc. into the document. Send them separately as jpg files. Do not use fancy
formatting or use special fonts, colors, etc. All your formatting will be stripped out when the
newsletter is created. Keep it simple. The newsletter reserves the right to edit as necessary.
Where to send your articles/photos/announcements:
Send electronically (no hard copies, please) to:
The GWCC newsletter is only as good as the content it receives, and that depends on the
members. Don’t be shy – it’s easy, it’s good exposure for your business, and it’s FREE!!